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Time flies, but memories last forever

25 Reasons We’re Excited About Our 25th Year!

1) WE’RE SURVIVORS! Our organization endured two major economic recessions.

2) WE KNOW HOW TO ADAPT. We’ve successfully modified our business to meet the growing demands of the market and advances in technology by adding new roles including Chief Learning Officer and a dedicated Research Department.

3) WE LOVE VETERANS. We get to help military veterans transition into civilian positions. In 2018 alone, 45% of our placements had a military background.

4) OUR OFFICE HAS GREAT VIBES! Despite our long hours and demanding workload, the vibe of our office is consistently energetic and high-spirited which can be credited to our team’s spontaneity and their lively expression of random, creative ideas.

5) RELATIONSHIPS MATTER TO US. We continue to be the voices that transform careers and accelerate business success by developing and maintaining close relationships with our clients and candidates.

6) WE’RE A GREAT TEAM. Our current staff boasts not only an excellent employee retention rate but also a genuine interest in supporting and motivating each other in novel ways including daily emails, goal-setting challenges, breakfast feasts and quarterly book reviews.

7) WE HAVE A GREAT REPUTATION. We have worked hard to build a positive reputation and enjoy a 91% rate of repeat business from satisfied clients.

8 ) WE LOVE ANIMALS. We prove our love for furry friends by keeping dog biscuits on our front desk for our wet-nosed visitors and donating critical funds to Berea Animal Rescue Friends, a no-time-limit animal shelter in the Cleveland area.

9) A LIVE PERSON ANSWERS THE PHONE. Despite our continued growth and expansion, you still get a live person eager to assist you when you call our office and it may very well be the same voice you heard five, ten or even 25 years ago!

10) WE ARE PURPOSEFUL. As a team, we created a specific, actionable and highly individualized list of values that guides and inspires our business.

11) WE BEAT THE STATISTICS! The Small Business Administration reports half of small businesses fail in the first five years and only a quarter of all small businesses make it to the 15-year anniversary.

12) WE HAVE THE EXPERTISE. Our dynamic team of highly trained professionals has more than 100 years of collective experience in the business.

13) WE LOVE INTERNS. We’ve had the opportunity to learn from student interns who brought incredible value to our organization with their unique skill sets, fresh viewpoints and critical insight into the next generation workforce.

14) WE’RE IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL! We’re fortunate that our unique approach to recruiting allows us to build long-lasting relationships with our candidates and employers throughout all phases of life and this close rapport is rewarded in many ways including impromptu visits, heartwarming thank you notes and even gifts of flowers, fruit baskets and chocolate.

15) WE CONTINUE TO GROW. Our staff has more than tripled in the last several years.

16) WE HAVE A GREAT COMPANY CULTURE. We understand the importance of our culture and brand on both employee retention and financial success and make a conscious effort to build passion, loyalty, respect, optimism and (most of all) fun into all aspects of our business model.

17) WE CARE ABOUT COMMUNITY SERVICE. We have attended charity banquets for organizations such as Cleveland Rape Crisis Center and Seeds of Literacy; lead storytime at an inner-city preschool; donated clothing and books to local children in need; and invest both our time and money supporting the Santa Chiara Children’s Center in Haiti.

18) WE LOVE LEARNING. Our work environment fosters growth and learning through group and individualized coaching, book club discussions, webinars and video training courses, weekly meetings and continual sharing of knowledge and ideas.

19) WE ALL LEARN FROM INTERNS! Our internship program provides young adults with valuable business experience. By assigning these students individualized projects that capitalize on their skills, we have been able to adapt to emerging trends that propel our business forward.

20) WE APPRECIATE OUR STAFF. We respect and appreciate each employee’s unique talents and honor team members with fun nicknames like Fun Czar, Master Mind and Sherlock. Specific offices are also identified by highly personalized titles including the Jungle and the Nerd Nest.

21) WE WORK HARD. WE PLAY HARD. We encourage FUN by celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day and Fat Tuesday; creating birthday rituals including feather boa and pink tiara; organizing tree trimming parties; joining in local activities like baking pies and attending sporting events; and even enjoying a Pink Martini concert, live theater and a brewery tour.

21) OUR OFFICE IS INVITING. Our recently expanded and redecorated headquarters in Northeast Ohio overlooks beautiful Lake Erie and features vibrant colors and beautiful art as well as our unique kitschy and creative style.

23) WE LOVE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! From behind our desks, we have directly changed more than 1,100 lives through placements and profoundly impacted countless others. We continue to impact futures... one day, one person, one placement at a time!

24) WE SUPPORT NORTHEAST OHIO. We recognized the untapped potential in Northeast Ohio’s vibrant (and growing) Information Technology Industry and rose to meet the challenge.

25) WE ARE SMALL BUT MIGHTY. Although our company is small, our organizational practices, office amenities and opportunities for personal and professional development rival many large corporations.

It’s been more than 5 years since our 20th Anniversary, but we still look forward to each New Year with gratitude for the relationships we’ve built and excitement about the matches we have yet to make!

“Personalized service. At Charney & Associates I can talk to someone who has been working on a hire and knows everything about us and the position we’re trying to fill.”

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