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My old position required me to travel over 70% of the time which was too much of a burden on my family. We live in a small town in central Florida, and I didn’t expect to be able to find a job that met my needs. I had given up on finding a job and wasn’t actively looking. Nancy reached out with the right opportunity at the right time. She has an amazing knack for remembering skill sets and finding the best possible fit. I ended up with a job that allows me to do what I love and get paid for it. I’m excited about working now. I work from home and travel less than 20%. She saved our lives.

Mary T


I didn’t want to spend the rest of my career working in the lab. I wanted to do more and I didn’t know how to go about getting there. Charney & Associates provided me with an opportunity I could not have found on my own and I wouldn’t have felt qualified for it. They gave me the kick in the pants and drive I needed to become the best I could be. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them! I’ve been at my current position for 8 years. I’ve travelled the world. I’m well respected within my organization.

Aaron D


I had been in my current position for a while and grew out of the job. It was no longer a fit for my skill set and I no longer believed in the organization’s vision. The recruiter I was working with couldn’t articulate the culture of the new company and was moving slowly. I reached out to Nancy and she took the time to share her knowledge. When I switched over to her, I had an interview the following week. Nancy is very sensitive to the whole person. She doesn’t force fit – she looks for you to be happy in your new role. She finds a place for you to be happy as an individual.

Linda T


My job wasn’t up to my expectations. I wanted to grow, to contribute. I was uncomfortable so I decided to move on. I didn’t know how long it would take, how to make good contacts or find people to talk to. It was a challenge to talk to the right people. A friend referred me to Nancy and I gave it a shot. The main thing was when I talked to her she asked a lot of questions. She took the time to learn about my true values. My new job is so different. I contribute and I’m part of a team. I help others and meet more people. It’s more collaborative. I’m a field engineer, but it’s not just about the instruments – I get to know people. I’m really glad I found Charney & Associates!

David C


They had to work pretty hard – the whole process took many months – to make the change and negotiate the position. It was a long process but Charney & Associates hung in there and advocated for me the whole time. They put me in my dream job! I’m home based and near my family now.

Robert R

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