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We’re passionate about connecting great people with great companies.

We work with businesses that simply cannot afford to make a bad hire and struggle with the time-consuming process of finding good candidates from an ocean of applicants.

Our efficient and personalized process, as well as our relational approach brings you the right candidates for your needs and ensures a smooth transition – resulting in greater employee retention and new blood that can accelerate your business success. Learn more about our process »

We grasp the intangible

We help you look at the whole picture when hiring. We have a knack for aligning soft skills and attitudes with your team culture.

Industry focus and expertise

With more than 25 years of focused experience, we are highly knowledgeable in our practice area. Our extensive network allows us to offer our clients candidates and confidential references that other recruiters cannot access.

Medical Device Industry
Medical Device Industry

Diagnostics, Medical Device and Biomedical Industries across the U.S.A.

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Information Technology
Information Technology

Developers, Software Engineers, Technical Managers and other IT-related positions in Northeast Ohio.

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“Their personalized approach and innate ability to screen candidates for personal qualities really makes Charney & Associates stand out.”

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