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My company was on a rapid growth curve – rapid hiring, high number of individuals in a short time. These were hard-to-fill, high-stress roles for a technical call center for medical devices. We were in a highly populated community with numerous businesses in the same industry and we needed a targeted approach. Nancy doesn’t force fit or short change. She’s tenacious – she will get the job done. I hold her in very high regard.

Linda T


I’ve been working with Nancy for 15 years. She just knows us and what we’re looking for so well. Chaney & Associates are very thorough – they give us the yeas and nays of every candidate. Her database must be a mile deep – she knows a lot of people and has the pulse of the Field Service community. We’ve hired 5 new people over the last six months, and 4 of them came through Nancy. Nancy is my go to for hiring. They are secure and reliable. She’s good!

John F


Charney & Associates demonstrated specific knowledge in the field service and the medical industries that was by far stronger than other recruiting firms we talked to. Nancy takes the time to really understand the qualities I’m looking for and matches that with really excellent people. The quality of candidates Nancy delivers is above and beyond what we were seeing from other recruiters.

Robert R


We worked with other recruiting firms and Charney & Associates is better by far. Nancy developed a relationship with us. She understood what I was looking for on the personal side. Our front line support is the face of our company and we needed people with good interpersonal skills and business acumen in addition to the standard skill sets. People who smile when they talk. She would know which candidates I would want to hire. She understands the behavior side. They’re able to source candidates quicker than I ever could.

Steve W


Not hiring people in a timely manner meant missing important hiring and training deadlines. Also, for us, hiring is such a risk. It takes a year or more with someone to really determine if they’re going to work out – so it’s very important to get it right the first time. Nancy understands my requirements. I’m confident that I’m going to get good candidates – Nancy doesn’t send us people that aren’t qualified. I get good people. It’s really been a pleasure working with Nancy. I think it’s well worth it.

Mike A


Hiring the right field service engineers is absolutely critical. You need to invest in training them – and then they’re out in the field without direct supervision. You need to be able to trust them. It can take a very long time to realize someone is a bad hire – and by then you’ve lost customers and revenue. With other recruiting firms I had the same problem. 100s of resumes that I have to waste time screening. Why pay for that?

In 22 years I have not been able to find another recruiter that was worth the fees. Nancy has never let me down. She marries the candidate with the right job, and the company with the right employee, always making good matches from both perspectives.

Frank F


Our problems really revolved around finding candidates with a match in both qualifications and personality. Our in-house team would send me resumes, but didn’t have the time to do personal research and send me only the best. Charney & Associates only sends us quality candidates – matching both in personality and skill requirements. I have a good number of people working on our team today that were recruited by Charney. Our team has great chemistry.

John L

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