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Historical Highlights

Although half of small businesses fail in the first five years and only a quarter make it to the 15-year anniversary, we have survived two major economic recessions, countless natural disasters and a global pandemic and continue to thrive more than 25 years after our doors first opened.

We have been (and will continue to be) a trusted resource for people in their times of uncertainty.

  • We strengthen businesses and promote career development by building long-term relationships.
  • We are honored to support those who have served our country by helping military veterans transition into civilian positions. In 2020 alone, 50% of our placements had a military background.
  • We can identify individuals with relevant, transferable skills and experience outside the medical device industry and help them successfully transition into the field... even if they never considered this career path.
  • We know our approach works because we have 91% repeat business from satisfied clients.
  • Our organization helps save the lives of stray and homeless pets by donating critical funds to Berea Animal Rescue Friends, a no-time-limit animal shelter in the Cleveland area.
  • From behind our desks, we have directly changed more than 1,100 lives through placements and profoundly impacted countless others. We continue to impact futures... one day, one person, one placement at a time!

We’d be honored to help you reach your professional goals. Give us a call today!

It’s been more than 5 years since our 20th Anniversary, but we still look forward to each New Year with gratitude for the relationships we’ve built and excitement about the matches we have yet to make!

“Personalized service. At Charney & Associates I can talk to someone who has been working on a hire and knows everything about us and the position we’re trying to fill.”

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