by Patrick Bet-David

  1. Process:  Winning is about how you perform on your worst days, not just your best days. Your Move: Show up even when you don’t feel like it. As a leader, nothing sets the tone more than consistency. There’s enough variance in the markets and in your industry without you creating more. Nothing stabilizes you, your family, and your business more than bringing your best every day.
  2. Strategize: When you are holding people up to standards, do you always have to be serious and intimidating?  Your Move: Don’t underestimate the power of humor. It’s an important part of a leader’s arsenal. You can often make your point and make someone laugh.
  3. Reflect: If you’re bored in your business, you are probably bored in your life. What do you think the impact this attitude has on the people you lead?  Your Move: Remember why you chose this business. Think about who doubted you. Focus on an enemy to reignite your passion and act like somebody with something to prove.
  4. Reading: Your Oxygen Mask First: 17 Habits to Help High-Achievers Survive and Thrive in Leadership and Life by Kevin N. Lawrence  Your Move:  A leader I work with said this book helped him develop resilience rituals that strengthen his mind, body, and spirit. If you’re going to be the best for your family and your business, you have to take care of yourself first.
  5. Be Grateful for: Choosing to be a leader. It forces you either to get stronger or fail miserably. It tests you and brings out parts of you that you would have never known had you chosen an easier path.  Your Move: Keep choosing challenges that scare you. Refuse to play it safe. Put yourself in situations that force you to find another gear. You’ll regret it in the short-term and never be prouder of yourself in the long-term.