The Value an Executive Recruiter Brings To An Organization? Priceless.

by Nancy Charney

“These FSE’s, we are now finding them everywhere. Don’t know that we will be using your services any longer.”

After nearly 25 in the industry, it is surprising that we still hear this sentiment from client companies. No matter what the status of the economy, career boards will be flooded with inquiries. Yes, you can find candidates everywhere but…

  • Can you get them on the phone, especially if they’re not actively searching for a new position?
  • Can you determine why they want to leave their current job and whether those are valid reasons for making a change?
  • Can you identify what specific elements they’re looking for in their next position in terms of career goals, corporate environment, personal development and monetary desires?
  • Can you quickly decide if a candidate is not a good fit for the personality of the company or the specific team without investing money and time in prolonging the interview process?
  • Can you effectively communicate your lack of intent to continue the interview process to those candidates that do not qualify for the position?
  • Can you help qualified candidates interview effectively?
  • Can you honestly verify their current salary including the potential compensation from overtime, on-call opportunities, benefits, travel and company perks?
  • Can you properly package your final job offer to include every possible consideration from medical benefits, bonuses, mileage and travel reimbursements to personal incentives such as staff picnics, team building activities and employee recognition events?
  • Can you be assured that the offer will be accepted?
  • Can you assist potential hires with the process of resignation with confidence that they will not accept a counteroffer?
  • Can you keep on finding high quality candidates quickly to minimize the financial cost and maintain workplace productivity?
  • Can you maintain your organization’s positive impression to candidates you’re no longer considering for a position?

We at Charney & Associates are experts at finding the best person for a position by purposefully seeking out passive candidates. Our highly trained team has more than 75 years of collective experience in the business and focuses exclusively on identifying those who are currently employed and not actively searching for a job. Many of the people we connect with haven’t even begun the process of putting together a resume! These people are overlooked when the focus is solely on gathering resumes submitted by active job seekers. Not to mention, resumes are a poor indication of what a candidate can offer an organization. Most people are not skilled in the art of writing and formatting a resume for maximum effect and even fewer keep a compelling resume updated unless they are committed to making a career change.

While we take great pride in identifying these passive candidates, it is our process that makes us unique. We take the search further by going offline. We get these people on the phone, build relationships, ask the hard questions and delve deep into the motivation behind their personal and professional choices both in the past and for the future. At Charney & Associates, we not only assess the specific requirements for a job opportunity but also consider soft skills and our client’s organizational culture because we’re not interested in just filling a position, we want candidates to experience long-term career satisfaction. We consistently provide an average of three highly qualified candidates for each placement with exceptional speed and efficiency.

With record low unemployment rates in this competitive market, top talent is not available for long. Open communication with both the client and the candidate is essential to making efficient placements. By staying in contact with our candidates, we are able to take the guesswork out of the hiring process and provide updates regarding expectations and deadlines, even if the interview procedure is longer than average.

Our candidates are thoroughly screened, are motivated to make a career change for reasons other than money, are proficient in their fields and approve the salary range provided. This attention to detail translates into a remarkably low rate of declined offers at just 3% since 1994. We can also boast a 91% rate of repeat business from satisfied clients.

Despite major economic changes and profound industry transitions in the last 25 years, Charney & Associates has realized astounding success and wide recognition within our niche. By focusing exclusively on the medical device industry for our first 20 years in business, we have rare and exclusive knowledge of the market. Our unique value is observed in the way we listen to and learn from our clients and candidates, thereby establishing long-term relationships with people throughout their careers. We know our work has a profound impact in the lives of the people we serve. We consider it both our honor and duty to invest considerable time and energy into efficiently identifying the most qualified candidate for your job opening.

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