by Nancy Charney

Executive recruiters, particularly those specializing in niche industries, are the best kept secret for job seekers in this competitive market. Working with Charney & Associates is a unique experience in that we remain focused on specific career needs, not generic job openings.

Searching for a new position requires a great deal of time and patience which are always in short supply. If you are reasonably happy in your current position, there’s little motivation to invest energy into exploring alternative career options. We serve as your eyes and ears within the industry. With more than 75 years of collective experience in our niche market, we have built positive rapport with industry leaders one conversation at a time. As a result of these ongoing relationships we have access to openings that are never advertised.

Anyone can submit a resume to a job board. However, a resume only showcases select professional skills and experience, and employers rarely spend more than six seconds reviewing the document before moving on. With our help, candidates often completely bypass the initial screening stage; the critical “weeding out” of resumes. After getting to know each candidate thoroughly, we are able to organize a comprehensive assessment of skills and experiences that relate directly to the career opportunity and then present that information directly to the Hiring Manager. Can you do that?

It’s not only our services that make us unique in the world of recruiting, it’s our approach. We build relationships with each candidate. The elements that create career satisfaction are different for each individual and our in-depth information gathering helps us determine which corporate culture is the best fit for a specific candidate’s soft skills and personality.

Without professional guidance, the entire process of interviewing can be challenging for even top talent. After all, how often does the average person interview? Most candidates have little experience in writing and formatting a resume and no formal training in communicating effectively in an interview. We are there every step of the way… from individualized consultations for effective resume preparation and personalized interview coaching to guidance for accepting the offer. Our support even continues throughout the onboarding phase of the job transition and beyond.

We are passionate about making placements for long-term career satisfaction which is why so many of our past candidates continue to refer others. Charney & Associates has not only survived major economic changes and industry transitions throughout our 25 years in business, we continue to thrive. If you’re motivated to take your career to the next level with the ideal job opportunity, we encourage you to enlist the help of a trained recruiter. Not quite ready for a big change? We want to talk to you, too!

Establishing a relationship with a recruiter is an excellent idea, regardless of your current employment status. Hopefully, you’ll never need a recruiter, but if your situation changes you should know who to call. A recruiter, in turn, will be able to provide you with a wealth of resources and free services and contact you when the right opportunity presents itself. It is dangerous to remain complacent in your career; there are too many factors that cannot be controlled. Invest in yourself and your future by contacting a recruiter. We love to meet new people, and we’re looking forward to learning more about you!