by Jacqueline Whitmore

Rude behavior is not only bad etiquette; it’s bad for business. Unfortunately, it’s a growing problem in the workplace.

In a University of Florida study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, lead author Trevor Foulk provided warning evidence that everyday impoliteness can spread throughout the work environment. “We are generally tolerant of these behaviors, but they’re actually really harmful,” he said. “Rudeness has an incredibly powerful negative effect on the workplace.”

A routinely grumpy employee can bring down the energy of the whole office, while a socially-inept manager can put everyone on edge with inappropriate comments and attitudes that create tension. This bad behavior makes the workplace uncomfortable, if not downright intolerable. Rudeness can also lead to low performance, missed time, increased turnover and difficulty in recruiting as a company earns the reputation of a negative work environment.

So how can you nip rudeness in the bud?

  1. Remember your etiquette
  2. Monitor nonverbal messaging
  3. Beware of miscommunication
  4. Read your messages before sending
  5. Think before you speak or react
  6. Don’t rely on technology