by Susan Galer

Beating the competition to become Number One is a losing business strategy.

In Simon Sinek’s world view, there are two types of games: finite and infinite. Finite games have known players, fixed rules and agreed upon objectives. In contrast, rules are changeable in the infinite game, with unknown and unknown players who are in it to keep playing. Problems arise when finite players are up against infinite players. All too often, the former end up mired in a quagmire of lost trust and declining innovation.

“The vast majority of our leaders talk about being Number One, being the best, beating competition. The trouble is, business is an infinite game,” said Sinek. “The infinite-minded player understands that sometimes you have a better product and sometimes they do…There’s no such thing as being the best…because in the infinite game there’s no such thing as winning business. The goal is to outlast…outdo yourself.”

Sinek outlined five ways companies can lead with an infinite mindset.