by Grant Cardone

Every great company requires a foundation, and the foundation of a company is its culture. I’ve known this for a long time, that’s why I spend much energy making sure the culture at my companies match who I am. It’s my company, so I want to drive the culture. If you fail to shape the culture in your business, then society will do it for you.

Just establishing culture, your foundation, is not enough because as your company grows — like a garden — you will get weeds coming up. If you don’t take care of the weeds, they will take over. Maintaining your company culture is a continual process.

At 10XGrowthCon 2017 JJ Jackintelle discussed four society influences that will influence your company:

  1. A decline in civility.
  2. A rise in entitlements.
  3. Normalization of “immortality.”
  4. Scapegoating successful people.

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