by Marlowe J. Weingart

Do you remember the thrill of going back to school when you were little? When I think about the reactions of “back to school” and working in an office, there are a lot of parallels, even with or despite Covid precautions. That tingle of “back to school” or “new to work” can occur at any age. Remember when you were little how excited you were and how much you loved all the back to school prep (New clothes! New lunchbox! New school supplies!), but for some reason, as you got older, back to school was greeted with lots of groaning and push-back (Get up early?! Go to school every day?! I hate (the bus/my car/my friends/my teachers/my school– etc.).

New and returning employees versus never-left or long-time employees have similar reactions, and a lot of the same attitudes and levels of excitement.