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Liz Gerson

Born and raised in Lakewood, Ohio, Liz Gerson has a sincere commitment to the growth and development of Northeast Ohio’s technology industry. After graduating from Ohio University with a degree in architectural design, Liz returned to the Cleveland area and soon found employment with a small software company where she gained exposure to product design and the software development process.

Liz then moved to a local tech start-up where she benefitted from hands-on experience with a variety of technologies by providing QA and end-user support for web and mobile applications. Having already established a network of local IT professionals in her previous job, Liz was selected to lead recruiting efforts for their engineering team and other critical staff positions. These placements contributed to the exponential growth of the business and sparked her passion for the field of recruiting, specifically within Northeast Ohio’s technology industry.

Working closely with software engineering teams so early in her career gives Liz a competitive advantage over most technical recruiters. She has a good understanding of technical qualifications and how they relate to organizational challenges. By concentrating her efforts in Northeast Ohio exclusively, Liz has not only become an expert in her niche, but has also developed an excellent understanding of the technology industry in this region.

Having established a large network and pipeline of candidates, Liz represents the highest caliber of local engineers and other technology professionals in the area. She has been successful at placing highly sought-after candidates within specialized roles, including senior level development and engineering, operations, and upper management positions. Liz’s critical placements have significantly impacted the growth of both well-established multi-million dollar organizations and rapidly growing, early stage start-up companies.

Liz is an excellent resource for potential clients and candidates in the Northeast Ohio technology industry; she is highly professional, has a diverse range of knowledge, and possesses a sincere commitment to the region’s flourishing business community.

“They take the time to really understand the qualities I’m looking for and match that with really excellent people.”

John S., Regional Director • More testimonials »

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